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January 1, 2018

You may wondering, "Why do we need a dues and fees increase?" and "What should members expect from these increases?" Great questions! The PBA board is working on updating and securing our organization, and in doing so, we have some annual expenses. We also see the need to raise the budgets for some of our committees, such as Public Relations (Where more advertising can be done to promote our Pygoras!), Judges Training Committee (The possibility of putting on workshops to train more PBA judges.), Youth Committee (Scholarships for our youth members!!), and so much more. Those are just a few of the ideas that I have heard, and would love to pursue, but we needed to increase fees in order to do so. I am excited, that in the coming year, we may have more to offer our membership. - Your PBA President, Ruth Hawkins

PBA Dues Increases:
Family membership $25
Youth membership $15 (no change)
Herd Name $10
Breeders Directory $15 (increasing the word limit to 75)

Registration Fee Increases:
Fee Member Non-Member
Does $7 $14
Bucks $10 $20
Wethers $5 $10
Transfers $5 $10
Corrections/Replacements $7
Rush fee $20 per goat

Show Sanctions Increases:
Buck, Doe, Wether & Fleece sanctions $20 each

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