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Pygora® Breeders Association Newsletter - The Pygora Pypeline

The PBA newsletter is published four times a year. This page lists the newsletter special features, mailing schedule, content submission guidelines, deadlines, and advertising costs.

Special Features --

Mailing Schedule -- If you are a PBA member, you should expect to receive your copy of the newsletter around:

  • Issue 1—Spring: March 1st

  • Issue 2—Summer: June 1st

  • Issue 3—Fall: September 1st

  • Issue 4—Holiday: December 1st

Content Submission Guidelines -- To submit articles, photos, ads, etc., mail or email the editor at the address below.  While content can be mailed to the editor's home address, if you already have the content electronically, please email the files or text.  Photos will turn out best in JPG, TIFF or GIF format.

Maggie Leman, PBA Editor
1205 Olive Branch Rd.  Durham, NC  27703
Phone: 919-596-0984
E-mail:   maggidans@msn.com

Deadlines -- Deadline for submission is the 1st of the previous month. For example, for Issue 1: March 1st, the deadline is February 1st.

Advertising Costs -- Costs to advertise in the PBA Newsletter are as follows.  Please submit payment to the central office, not to the newsletter editor.  Please be sure to include your name, membership number (if applicable), and the type of ad you are requesting.


Member Rate

Non-Member Rate

Business Card:
(3.5” x 2”)

$5 per Issue
$15 / 4 Issues

$10 per Issue
$30 / 4 Issues

Quarter Page:
(3.5” x 4.5” or 2.5” x 6.75”)

$10 per Issue

$15 per Issue

Half Page:
(6.75” x 4.5”)

$20 per Issue

$25 per Issue

Full Page:
(6.75” x 9”)

$40 per Issue

$45 per Issue

Classified Ads

Free -- one ad up to 75 words per issue, space permitting, for ads, regarding Pygora Goats and Pygora Fleece.

10’ per word -- for ads about other topics.

10’ per word per Issue

Please note: These Advertising Rates do not include photo editing or ad design.  Ads should be sent ready to print and can be sent electronically or via postal mail, ready to scan.  If you need assistance with designing your ad there is a fee of $25 per hour.  Please contact the editor for a quote.

If you are not a PBA Member you may be able to save on advertising costs if you Join PBA!


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