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February 2002 -- By Jill Gallagher

I hope this finds you and your fluffy Pygoras warm and dry, as this winter is a cold one. And as always the question of when to shear and when to wait is on my mind. The goats fleece looks so great that I can’t wait to start shearing, but then with the cold temperatures, I am glad that I haven’t. I sure feel like a farmer at this time, when to harvest the crop at the best time for man and beast.

Well, I got a peek at what Fran Bishop is working on with a data processor friend of hers. They are updating the registrations to a program that will soon allow us to view the herd book on the internet. I am so very excited about this, I can’t wait until you all see it. It will make the job of registrar much easier, but there is a lot of data that has yet to be entered and the program fixed up to work with our breed. But it is going to be great!

The Judges Training committee is still plugging away with the large body of work that we are working with. We hope to have the application out soon.

The results of the By-Law change and addition is posted in the Board Meeting minutes in this newsletter, but the short version is that Yes, it passed. And thank you for taking the time to vote. However, the Board has decided to fore go choosing two temporary board members at this time as we don’t want to bias the membership’s voting. We have some very good applicants running for the board and we would rather you, the membership vote for the top three. After you vote, the top two will be the two temporary board members until June, and then in June the top three, which would be the two temporary and the next top would be the three new board members. Hope I didn’t confuse you, we, the board, just want to be as fair as we can. So, this is your chance to have a say, by voting in the persons that you think will best represent PBA.

Our last Newsletter was put together by Darlene Chambers and Yvonne McDonald and I would like to thank them again and also thank Darlene as she just stated in the Board Meeting that her farm, Peppermint Pastures Pygoras was going to pick up the tab on that issue. A big thank you to you Darlene and your farm, that is very nice of you. This issue has another pair of coeditors - so another big thanks to Susan Prechtl and Jamie Land.

Enjoy your newsletter! 

E-mail: jgalla6868@aol.com 

Vote, please vote! It is time to vote for the board. Those that are running are listed in this newsletter - so please vote!!!

Next Board Meeting is April 9th. Agenda must be on my desk by April 1st. We may have a special board meeting sooner, so please be on the look out for it.

We are looking for a Newsletter Editor and a Show Secretary.

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