Here are a collection of important pamphlets, booklets, and articles about Pygoras®, or goats in general. 

The PBA Show Secretary will offer each show chair who applies for PBA show sanctions a promotional packet, beginning with the 2019 show season. As needed, the packet could include up to 150 brochure copies, a show banner and a trifold poster, to be provided by the PBA and shipped to each show. The promotional items may be kept in the region if intended to be used at another show, but should be returned if not needed.

PBA Educational Pamphlets – Instructions for printing.

      “What is a Pygora?” Pamphlet (PDF)

      “Pygora Fleece Facts” Pamphlet (PDF)

      “Spinning Pygora Fleece” Pamphlet (PDF)

PBA Tri-Fold Display

PBA Banner

Johne’s Booklet

PBA & Goat ID Requirements

PBA Tattoo ID/Microchip Vendors/Premise ID Contacts

Pygora, the ‘Born in the USA’ Luxury-Fiber Goat, By Terri Kistler, from the American Livestock Magazine

USDA Scrapie Fact Sheet

APHIS Genetic Scrapie Resistance Testing