PBA Mission Statement

The Pygora Breeders Association (PBA) is dedicated to the advancement and well-being of the Pygora® goat. PBA provides leadership in the promotion of the Pygora as a fleece producing animal, pet, and companion nationwide. We encourage ethical practices that will contribute to the long term expansion of the Pygora market. We offer social, business and educational opportunities to our members, and provide educational materials to FFA and 4-H.


PBA, a nonprofit organization, will promote, educate and regulate matters pertaining to the history, breeding, exhibition and improvement of Pygora goats.

  1. PBA will maintain herd books and issue certificates of registration for Pygora goats.
  2. PBA will register a herd name from each breeder who registers Pygora goats.
  3. PBA will register a combination of two (2) or three (3) letters to each breeder as a tattoo to represent herd name.
  4. PBA will maintain and publish official breed standards.
  5. PBA will set rules and regulations for showing Pygora goats.
  6. PBA will design and conduct training programs to teach principles of judging Pygora goats and Pygora fleece. PBA will monitor and maintain a current list of approved sanctioned judges.
  7. PBA will maintain and regulate Pygora sanctioned shows and wins.
  8. PBA will maintain an information website with a prominent display of the PBA logo on the home page.
  9. PBA will maintain an Operating Manual that will include a disaster plan designed to backup, protect and recover any herd book or financial data that is designated as vital to the continued operations of PBA.
  10. PBA will maintain job descriptions and a list of duties for officers and committee chair positions. These documents will be contained within the Operating Manual.


Operating Manual

Meeting Minutes

Committee Reports