Is your goat listed in the PBA herdbook? And do you have the original official registration or pre-registration certificate?
Did the seller fill out a Transfer of Ownership form for you? If so, did you or the seller send it to the PBA Registrar with the original certificate?
If you answer yes to these questions then your goat is a Pygora®.

The Pygora® goat was initially bred in Oregon by Katherine Jorgensen, and after careful selection, the registry was created. She wanted an animal that would produce fine fiber for hand spinning, so she bred the Pygmy (NPGA registry), a goat with short, soft down to an Angora (AAGBA registry), a goat with long silky fleece. The Pygora Breeders Association was formed in 1987. Since then, the Pygora has increased in number and popularity. Today the registered Pygora goat may not have more than 75% AAGBA registered Angora goat or 75% NPGA registered Pygmy goat heritage.

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