Are you going to a fair or event this year with your Pygoras® or Pygora fiber? Along with the PBA informational brochures, and the PBA Tri-Fold Display here is a 2.5′ by 4′ banner to get your Pygoras noticed! The PBA is developing a series of brochures, displays and other informational resources to help our members answer many of the most common questions about Pygoras and their fleece to farm visitors, fairgoers and others interested people. 

The PBA Show Secretary will offer each Show Chair who applies for PBA show sanctions a promotional packet, beginning with the 2019 show season. As needed, the packet could include up to 150 brochure copies, a show banner and a trifold poster, to be provided by the PBA and shipped to each show. The promotional items may be kept in the region if intended to be used at another show, but should be returned if not needed.

PBA BANNER click to download

Download the file (click the link above) to your computer to a place where you can find it when needed.
Although you can use any company that makes banners, including a local business, we suggest To use

  1. Go to  to their banner section.
  2. Choose “Use my own design” in the appropriate size.
  3. Under Images choose “Add images from my computer” and then choose the PBA Banner file. Vistaprint may tell you the resolution is low, but it prints fine.

Once it is placed correctly, finish your order and wait for your banner to arrive!

Note: To view and print the PBA Banner, you will need Adobe Acrobat Reader. If you do not have Adobe Acrobat Reader, you can download it for free from the Adobe website at: