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I would like to thank all the PBA members that sent in entries for the PBA Goat of the Month. Thanks to:

August 2005: Photo submitted by Lou Kelly.September 2005: Peppermint Pastures Pygoras Venice, Dark Brown Agouti with light brown B fleece, owner is Melinda Weer, breeder is Darlene Chambers. 

October 2005: This is Fluffball Farm Violet as a baby last spring, she is a caramel doe with B type fleece, owner: Melinda Weer, breeder: Melody and Reagan Kelsay.
November 2005: Fluffball Farm Nathan at 2 months old. He’s a white wether with “C” fleece. He’s owned and bred by Melody & Reagan Kelsay.
December 2005: Photo submitted by Fran Bishop.January 2006: Pygoras and Angoras enjoying a nice snowy winter day. AAGBA registered Angoras bred with NPGA registered Pygmies were the start of PBA registered Pygoras. The goat above on the right is Hidden Meadow Pygoras Maddie. Maddie is an example of a white Pygora doe, her fleece type is A. Breeder: Margie Andrekewics, Owner: Teresa & Sandra Connors.
March 2006: Photo submitted by Lou Kelly.April 2006: The first kid of the season for 6 year old Alex Naumann of Curly Q Caprines. Born March 1, 2006 this little cream-colored doeling is still just known by W001. Alex decided to have her first doe, Lucky Duck Farm Louisiana, bred to  Lord’s Hill Electric Fire, owned by her mom, Terri of Happy Hollow Homestead in Snohomish, WA
May 2006: Wild Irish Dreams Aoife, born 2/5/2006, a black agouti. Dam: Hidden Meadow’s Pygoras Maddie, Sire: Rancho Papagallos Solo.  Owner/Breeder: Teresa ConnorsJune 2006: Chimera Creek Ranch Cordelia has A/B white fleece, owner/breeder: Erica Trainer.
July 2006: The goat above is Somethin Special’s Willow. Her fleece has yet to be typed and is white in color, owner / breeder: Aaron and Theresa Esterline.August 2006: Five Brooks Farm William, a 2 month old buckling, is a light grey agouti, owner/breeder: Kathryn Brookhart. 
September 2006: Sunrise Farm Cat’s Meow is Medium Caramel with Light Caramel B/C fleece, 
owner: Melinda Weer / breeder: Leslie Kramer.
October 2006: Misty Ridge Ranch Spike, bred by Paul and Margaret Lamb and owned by Melinda Weer, is a medium caramel with b/c fleece.
November 2006: The Diamond fleece award winner at OFFF in 2006 was Hollyhock Hollow Margarit, a black agouti with medium gray A fleece, owner/breeder: Jill Gallagher. December 2006: Erin Brookhart of FiveBrooks Farm with her special goat “Five Brooks Farm Valli” born 3-4-05, is a type A light grey agouti with white fleece.
January 2007:Misty Ridge Ranch Spike is shown above, he is a Medium Caramel with Medium Caramel b/c fleece.  Owner: Melinda Weer, Breeder: Paul and Margaret Lamb. March 2007: FiveBrooks Farm Regina and her doeling FiveBrooks Farm Valli, both type A/B light grey Owner/Breeder: Kathryn Brookhart. 
April 2007: Mandy’s 4H wether enjoying a beautiful spring day. Dam: Hawks Mountain Ranch Shasta, Sire: Hawks Mountain Ranch Black Chrome, Owner/Breeder: Mandy Oriet, Hawks Mountain Ranch. 4H project with the Golden Fleece 4H Club.  Color is white, fleece type is too soon to tell. May-June 2007: Rancho Papagallo Maestro is a light grey pygora goat wether.  He is a therapy animal at the Navajo Nation in Window Rock, Arizona.  Sire: Hawks Mountain Ranch Indigo, Dam: Hawks Mountain Ranch Lemon Meringue, Breeder / Photographer: Jill Mann. 
July 2007: My name is Lily, and this is me and my goat Huckleberry. We take the goats out to the field and today my mom brought the camera.  I kneeled down to him and put my hand under his chin, then I went to kiss him on the head, and my mom snapped the photo. I love this photo and hope you do, too!!  Goat Mountain View Farm Huckleberry is a medium grey agouti with light grey B fleece.  Photo submitted by: Lily Cruikshank; Owner: Linda Cruikshank; Breeder: Melinda Weer.August 2007: This is a photo of two baby pygora goats, a doe and wether. Sabre’s Song Farm Sabrielle, is the black Doe in the front. She will grow up to have Medium Brown B/C Fleece.   Owner: Jill Mann / Breeder: Cindy Simmons
September 2007: FiveBrooks Farm Tynan, 1 1/2 yr old wether with medium grey type B fleece, getting ready for a goat show.  Owner / Breeder: Kathryn Brookhart.October 2007: Peppermint Pastures Pygoras Venice is an example of a Dark Brown Agouti with type B fleece.  He was 9 months old in this photo.  Owner: Melinda Weer / Breeder: Darlene Chambers. 
November 2007: WaterLu’s Harrison is an example of a white buck with type A fleece.  Owner / Breeder: Louellen Kelly.December 2007 – January 2008: This is Hidden Meadow Farm Buckwheat.  He is a 3 yr old wether with a type B fleece.  It’s this guy’s fantastic fiber that allows me to win handspinning awards each year!  Owner: Terry Mattison / Breeder: Susan Prechtl. 
January – February 2008:
“Is Spring ever going to get here?”

This is Lucky Duck Farm’s Dakota.  He is a 4 yr old wether with light caramel type B fleece.  Owner: Kathryn Brookhart / Breeder: Lora Rinke.
February – March 2008:
Spring is almost here and kidding season is underway!!

These babies’ (born a few years ago) are too young to have color or fleece type registered. However it looks pretty clear they will be white. Dam: Fluffball Farm Ebony / Sire: Fluffball Farm Titan. Picture sent in by: Lee Zasloff and Cheryl Pirtle.  
April 2008:
Spring is hear, time to shear!!
Hawks Mountain Ranch Black Chrome’s Cleo and Hawks Mountain Ranch Gracies Gold both with white type A fleece.  This gives you an idea of the before an after shearing.  Owner: Pam VanDamme / Breeder: Lisa Roskopf. 
May 2008:
Hawks Mountain Ranch Spring 2007 kids — looks like they just got tattoo and are having fun now!!  Owner / Breeder: Lisa Roskopf, Photographer: Mandy Oriet.
June 2008:
Show season is in full swing. Hawks Mtn. Ranch Divinity looks like she is ready for the ring She has fleece type A/B White. Owner / Breeder: Lisa Roskopf, Hawks Mtn. Ranch.
July – August 2008:
Here are several Hawks Mountain Ranch kids playing.  Photo taken by Mandy Orient. Owner / Breeder: Lisa Roskopf. 
September 2008:
This is a picture of two new kids born on the afternoon of May 28th. I was at work when the doe went into labor. My youngest daughter, Kendall (age 10), had been keeping close tabs on our two does while I was at work. She found Gisselle in labor and stepped in as mid-wife in my absence and delivered the twins on her own. This is a picture of her with the kids, which she has named “Dot” and “Dash.” She is quite proud of them and we are very proud of how she handled the situation.   The medium caramel kids are out of our doe registered as Chimera Creek Ranch Gisselle.  The owner is Deb Cablao. 
October – November 2008:
This is a picture of our wether, Hawks Mountain Ranch Boomer. Fleece Type: A, Color: Light Caramel. He was 6 months old in this photo. He’s a very sweet boy who follows me around loves to have his chin scratched. Owner: Lani and Mark Kirby / Breeder: Lisa Roskopf.
December 2008 – January 2009:
The Oaks Private Ryan is a black buckling with type B Brown fleece.  Thanks to Elaine for sharing with other members. Breeder: Liza Sanford Crane / Owner: Elaine Deegan.
February – March 2009:
Applebright Farm Sage is a dark caramel wether with type B medium caramel fleece.  Thanks to Melinda for sharing with other members. Breeder: Ken & Jan Becker / Owner: Melinda Weer. 
April/May 2010
RSA Zach
Breeder: Fran Bishop
Owner:  Eva Berg
June 2010
Whistlekick’s Scarlett
Breeder/Owner:  Terri Kistler
July 2010
RSA Y-Knot Yarn
Breeder:  Fran Bishop
Owner:   Deb FrostGood Buddies Yarn & SnickerDoodle in Alaska 
December 2010
PGCH Hawk’s Mtn. Ranch Divinity
Breeder/Owner:  Lisa Roskopf
Divinity was also the 2009 OFFF Diamond Award winner.
January 2011
RSA Zink
Breeder: Fran Bishop
Owner: Elaine Deegan
February 2011
Hawk’s Mtn. Ranch Doily
Breeder/Owner:  Lisa Roskopf
April 2011
Harmony Homestead Dixie
Breeder/Owner:  Elaine Deegan
May/June 2011
Whistlekick Contessa
Breeder/Owner:  Terri Kistler
August/September 2011
Verdant Vistas Cinnamon 
Breeder: Pat and  George Copa
Owner: Deb Rock
Type B/Light Brown 
January/February 2012
Dam:  Fleece Field’s Windy “Lorna”
Kid:  Twinkie
Owner:  Julie Jarvis, Animal Cracker Farm, Maple Valley, WA
March/April 2012 
Applebright Farm Tootsie
Owner:  Jan Becker
“Barely six months old and ready for her first haircut!”
July/August 2012 
Whistlekick Samantha (left) and Whistlekick Toby (right). 
Owner:  Terri Kistler.
September/October 2012
Rancho Amara’s Grayson, a wether (left), and his dam, Rancho Amara’s Chocolate Twix.  Grayson was sired by Applebright Farm Bosco.
Owned by Carrie McLachlan
November/December 2012 
Owned by Jan Becker of Applebright Farm 
January/February 2013
Twin doelings, Mae and Willow, taking an afternoon nap.
Owner: Ruth Hawkins. Photo by Marsha Pohl
May/June 2013 
Owned by Ruth Hawkins
July/August 2013 
Owned by Lisa Roskopf of Hawks Mtn. Ranch
September/October 2013
RSA Aloha with Hillari Sahm
January/February 2014
Applebright Farm Filbert
Owned by Janice Becker
March/April 2014
Rancho Amara’s Clover and Graycie
Owned by Carrie McLachlan
May 2014
Week old doeling Gun Plains Elvira
Owned by Nan Nichols 

June /July 2014
Owned by Susan Long, Sweet River Ranch
August/September 2014
Owned by Allison Sluis, Great Lakes Pygoras 
October/November 2014
Logan and Tay
Owned by Janice Becker, Applebright Farms
December 2014
Submitted by Lisa Roskopf 
Hawks Mtn. Ranch, Gaston, OR 

Goat of the Month Jan/Feb 2015
Owner Debbie Eubanks, Bohemian Creek Farm
Hawks Mtn Ranch Flynn and Great Lakes Pygoras Eewan “Lincoln”

March to August 2015
Gun Plain Pygoras Abe, and his younger “nephew”, Gun Plain Pygoras Domingo. “Getting winter photos isn’t as much fun as the spring kid pics, but it is a pretty season, and a good time to admire fleeces!” Owned by Nan Nichols, Gun Plain Pygoras
 January/July 2016
Lucy and her doe kid, Eleanor.
Owned by Corynn Lewis, Little Goat Hill 
July/December 2016
“Barney and Benjamin” owned by Cynthia Karafa of Double “K” Farms in Cedar Springs, Michigan.Barney was Grand Champion in 2014 at the Michigan Fiber Festival and Benjamin was Reserve Grand Champion.
October 2016
The Oaks Matt and his MFF Ribbons
Owned by Liza Sanford-Crane
Matt was Reserve Grand Champion Wether at the 2016 Michigan Fiber Festival.
November 2017
Meadowstar Farm Silverbelle and Meadowstar Farm Kaleesi

Owned by Linda Haug ZellersBest Mother/Daughter pair at the 2017 MFF Pygora Goat show. 
December 2017
Hawks Mountain Ranch Hunter
Owned by Margaret Graves. He’s very friendly and goofy! 
January 2018
Cowlitz River Filbert’s Memory
Owned by Margaret Graves
March 2018
A very pregnant Finleigh and still 5 weeks to go!
Debbie Eubanks, Bohemian Creek Farm
April/May 2018
Cindy’s Treasures Kharisma
DOB: March 21, 2018
Sire: Mist Kissed Mountain Dorian
Dam: Cindy’s Treasures Hannah
Owned and Bred by Cindy Johnson 
June 2018
Hawk’s Mtn. Ranch Daphne & daughter Quail Hollow Farms Iris
“Squishy and her Mini-Me”
Owned by Erica Brown, Quail Hollow Farms
July/August 2018
Quail Hollow Farm Jelly Bean
Bred by Lindsay Brown
Owned by Erica Brown, Quail Hollow Farms 

September 2018
Kelsie & Gretchen
“Gretchen photobombs preregistration pic”
Nan Nichols, Gun Plain Pygoras 
October 2018
Mountain Meadow Farm Mocha Latte
Owned by Beverly VanHook-Schrey
November/December 2018
Mountain Meadow Farm Wildflower & Mountain Meadow Farm Jasmine
Owned by Beverly VanHook-Schrey
January 2019
QHF Gingersnap and QHF Ziva enjoying the winter sun.”
Owned by Allison Brown, Quail Hollow Farm

February/March 2019
Great Lakes Pygoras Ellery
Owned by Debbie Eubanks, Bohemian Creek Farm
April-June 2019
“A Mother’s Love”
Hawks Mountain Ranch Whisper Gypsy Rose and her twins by Hawks Mountain Ranch Ringo
Owned by Ruth Hawkins 

July-August 2019
Quail Hollow Farm Angel Cakes and her triplets
Bred and Owned by Lindsay Brown
October/November 2019
Great Lakes Pygoras Freckles “Finleigh”
Caramel Type B fleece
Owned by Youth member, Audra Otto, Blackberry Blossom Farm
Breeder: Allison Sluis 
December 2019
Little Hawk Farm Paisley and Little Hawk Farm Eleanor “Waiting their turn to be sheared.”
Owner Ruth Hawkins
January/February 2020
Labor of Love Pygoras Sapphire
Breeder: Amanda Sadowski
Owner: Debbie Eubanks, Bohemian Creek Farm

March/April/May 2020
Great Lakes Pygoras Freckles “Finleigh”
Caramel Type B fleece
Breeder: Allison Sluis
Owned by Youth member, Audra Otto, Blackberry Blossom Farm 
June/July 2020
Cowlitz River Cecil
Breeder/Owner: Maggie Graves

August/September 2020
Quail Hollow Farm Mocha
Bred and owned by youth member, Allison Brown

January-April 2021
Labor of Love Pygoras Skyler Storm
Bred by Amanda Sadowski and Owned by Terri Gherardi

Dec 2021/Jun 2022
Meadowstar Farm Alice patiently awaits her turn to go into the show ring at the 2022 Michigan Fiber Festival.
Bred by Linda Zellers and Owned by Pam & Dale Gregg.

January 2023
Quail Hollow Farm Letty with her 3-week-old buckling, Rising Ridge Walker

July 2023
Labor of Love, Zebulun
Owned by Ruth Hawkins