The PBA Registrar shall identify a place, with a separate physical location from the PBA Office, to store a backup copy of printed and electronic versions of the PBA herd book and financial data records.  The location and any information required to access the information shall be provided to the PBA President and Vice-President.  The electronic data shall be in a format such that it can be used to restore operations with readily available technology products (computer hardware and software) should a disaster occur at the PBA Office.

    • Sends an electronic copy of the herd book and financial records to be stored in the identified location.
    Herd book
    • Prints a paper copy of the herd book and stores it in the identified location.  No fewer than two versions of the printed herd book shall be stored at all times.
    • Prints a list of all financial transactions that have occurred in the previous 6 months and adds them to the existing printed transactions.  No fewer than 24 months of printed financial records shall be stored at all times.