Nomination Procedures

  1. Nominations for the following June’s Director vacancies will be open to the membership starting September 1st and will remain open until January 15th.  Self-nominations are acceptable.
  2. Notifications of such vacancies shall appear in the Fall and Holiday PBA Newsletters.  This Notification will include a nomination form template and a list of positions that are up for election.
  3. All nomination forms must be received by the PBA Secretary no later than January 15th.  Nominees who were not self-nominated will be notified of their nomination by e-mail as soon as it is received by the Secretary.
  4. All nominees, including incumbent Directors who are eligible for re-election, must formally accept their nominations by submitting an autobiography to the PBA Secretary no later than February 1st; otherwise the nominee will not be eligible for election.
  5. Eligibility requirements
    1. Must be 21 years of age by June 1st of the year in which the nomination is made.
    2. Must be a member in good standing with PBA at the time of nomination and throughout the directorship.
    3. Must be either an active Pygora breeder or have substantial knowledge and experience related to Pygoras and their products.

Election Procedures

  1. PBA will have two Directors from each of the three regions, serving two-year terms. In each election, the nominee from each region with the most votes will be elected. If there was no nominee in a region, a nominee from a different region who was not elected, but has the next highest number of votes, will be elected to the position. In addition, three at large representatives will serve two-year terms, with elections alternating for two members one year and one member the next. 
  2. Ballots will be prepared and mailed with the Spring PBA Newsletter (to be mailed to members by March 1st).  Ballots will be printed on colored paper and numbered so they cannot be easily reproduced.  If there is only one nominee in a region, the unopposed nominee will be deemed elected by unanimous consent.
  3. Ballots will be returned to a PBA member appointed by the current Board of Directors who is not currently a Director, holds no elected or appointed positions in PBA, and is not a nominee in the current Director Election for counting.
  4. Ballots must be postmarked by March 31st.  Ballots returned after the deadline will not be counted.
  5. Any tie in the election for Board of Directors will be decided by written vote by the existing Board members.